Epee Fencing: A Complete System by Imre Vass

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Epee fencers from beginner to expert -- and their coaches -- will find that this book is a must read. It's also a must-look because of the rich illustrations, over which Vass must have worked closely with the illustrator (also a fencer) to show important details of execution. Epee is its own game, and this book shows exactly how. This is a revised and corrected version of Steve Khinoy's widely-praised re-translation, which first appeared in 1998.

Vass begins with the fundamentals, explaining how every footwork move, thrust, and parry is to be executed in epee. Then he works through the more complex actions. As the fencer progresses, every attack is accompanied by the appropriate defense, by parry, stop thrust, or counterattack with opposition (time thrust). Vass notes which actions are the most rational and practical, and which actions are second choices.

In addition, the book also takes the reader through the tactical progression for epee, which is different in impirtant ways from the "tactical wheel" shown in basic foil books. The actions are accompanied by illustrations and tactical drills.

Aimed at coaches (it was a required text for Hungarian masters), the book is just as valuable for the self-taught epee fencer. The illustrations provide a wealth of insights and deserve patient study in their own right. The explanations are practical and born of wide and deep experience.

ISBN 978-0-9789022-9-2 VAS

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