350NW CE Sabre Mask with Detachable Lining

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350 Newton resistance. Approved by CE.

This conductive mask contains high quality fabric which provides extra comfort and breathability.

Includes the same double strap strap system as required for the FIE regulated masks. 

Includes a removable inside lining that can be velcroed out and washed, or replaced if it ever wears out.

This mask can be used in all Domestic Sabre Competitions and is ideal for clubs and beginners due to its quality and modest price.


Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only and may not depict the actual product. Logo and inner lining colours change constantly but the material and features stay the same. 

Also Note: Masks are slightly adjustable! If you receive your mask and are unsure if it fits, please ask your coach or an experienced team mate to help you adjust your mask before exchanging it for an alternate size.